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Efficiency begins with good training. Productivity follows efficiency. You may have employees that are hard working, yet are not as productive as they could be. Good employees want to be well trained and capable of high efficiency and high productivity. This is an area where each employee's personal integrity and sense of worth at the workplace is quantified. Good employees know that their job security is strengthened by expanding their knowledge base.

It may seem obvious that 7th Sense Multimedia would offer Training services for the custom software applications that we write, but we are also available for training in general office software and general computing skills.

We are available to help you and your staff broaden and deepen your computing potential. Please feel free to contact us, to discuss your training requirements.

Custom Application Training
Typically, a contract with 7th Sense Multimedia to create custom application software includes start-up training. We pride ourselves on the clarity and flow of our custom applications, and believe that our user interface designs are among the most user-friendly designs you will ever experience. We also offer on-line Help authoring services, as well as User's Manual authoring services. However, we also realize that some users learn and become proficient more quickly when they receive one-on-one training from a live person rather than from written documentation. A some point, you may also need to have additional staff members or new hires trained on your custom written application, that were not available for the initial training. 7th Sense Multimedia is happy to provide additional training as required.

General Office Application Training
You and your staff may have a working knowledge of general office application software (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, email applications, etc.) but have a desire to expand you knowledge base. You may have a staffer migrating to a new position that requires that they quickly get up to speed on one or more general office software applications. You may have a new hire, that needs to pick up general office application software skills. 7th Sense Multimedia can provide that training, at your workplace or in a home setting.

General Computer Training
One of our clients is the CEO of a group of hospitals. This person is a brilliant, high-powered executive, overseeing dozens of other CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs. Each hospital in the group has an IT department, and there is a full IT staff at the corporate headquarters as well. So, which of the many internal IT staffers or Chief Information Officers does this person call for personal computer assistance at home? The answer is 7th Sense Multimedia. In this particular case, this person prefers to work with someone outside of the infrastructure of the hospital IT groups, for personal discretion. We are happy to provide this service.

In some ways, there seems to be a general assumption that because our society has become surrounded by computers and computer technology, that somehow everyone has absorbed general computing skills. This is, of course, a fallacy. Even among those who utilize computers as a part of their everyday work, many have acquired just enough computer skills to barely get by. These employees are underutilized resources, and many would jump at the chance to expand their computing knowledge.

We will train you and your staff members either at your workplace, or in a home setting. We can provide training in general computing functionality, from basic topics to advanced topics.

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