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Just about anyone can build a web site. Just about anyone can paint a picture, sing a song, or dance on a tabletop, too. Maybe that's why there are so many awful web sites out there, because so many people believe that buying an artist's paintbrush, singing scales in the shower, and slipping into shiny tap shoes is all it takes. There's more to it, if you want your web site to be effective.

Your web site is the least expensive and most powerful advertising weapon in your marketing arsenal. For the cost of a few days of a small ad insertion in the local newspaper, you can have your web site hosted for a year. For the cost of a quarter page ad in many monthly magazines, you can hire a web pro to really bring your web presence to life.

Of course, you will want to be intimately involved in the creation of your web site - after all, it reflects you and your business. Be prepared to present your ideas for your web site. However, both you and your web developer should retain some flexibility throughout the project, to allow for a creative evolution.

Your web site should reflect your business identity. There's more to that than incorporating your logo into the page header. And if your site is beautiful but yet still does not reflect your business identity, then one of the major goals was not met. For example, unless you are Martha Stewart, your site will probably not reflect your business well by using gray text on a sage background. (This does not seem to be common knowledge among many modern web professionals.)

Your website should be functional. Strong content and tasteful graphics are keys to being remembered. Unless your site is e-commerce, don't try to sell: Instead, just see your site as a marketing tool.

At 7th Sense Multimedia, we will work with you to make sure that your web presence meets your goals, and reflects positively on your business.

Please feel free to contact us, to discuss your web site development requirements, or to discuss modifications to your present web site.

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