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There are times when a new custom application will fit well within the framework of web-based programming. At 7th Sense Multimedia, we will recommend web-based applications only when is is truly the best platform to fulfill your present and future needs. We have the capabilities to create both web and desktop applications, and a strong desire to provide the best possible solution for your needs. Though the initial cost of developing custom application software for web platforms (Internet or intranet) is often higher than for desktop-based applications, the cost of workstation hardware and application maintenance can be much lower (especially if the workstations are only running the web-based application.) Remember that the concept of a web-based application is the same in some respects as a desktop-based application with a client-server architecture. In both of those instances, a server is employed to be the central repository of data. In web-based applications, there are usually server-side functions, as well as server-side data. Modifying those server-side functions is handled only on the server (and only once), rather than on each workstation, which is one advantage of web-based architecture. On the other hand, there are browser limitations that will force application developers to expend a great deal of time to program a function that is very easy to accomplish in desktop-based application development.

Are you a candidate for custom, web-based application software? Well, the answer is more complex than for desktop application software. There are not many off-the-shelf web-based applications (exceptions include some types of customizable e-commerce packages), so if it is determined that your needs are a good fit for web-based architecture, then the answer could be yes.

Please feel free to contact us, to discuss your custom application development requirements, or to discuss modifications to custom software that you already own.

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