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In spite of all of the predictions from Microsoft that business would embrace custom applications written to work in a web browser (which of course, Microsoft had hoped would be Internet Explorer), the prediction did not come true. The reality remains that a lot of businesses do not like software that runs in a browser, and a lot of businesses do not need software to run in a browser. Unfortunately, there are a quite a few programmers that have a strong desire to gain some experience in creating web-based applications, and so there is a great deal of misinformation handed out to support the programmers' contention that customers needs are best served by a web-based applications. An honest assessment of the current and future needs of a business requiring custom application development must look first at the ideal deployment platform (desktop-based, or web-based) for the application. Consider the word processing program, the spreadsheet program, and the image editing program that may be residing in your PC right now. No one is racing to deploy web-based versions of those applications, and with good reason: they are lousy candidates for web-based applications.

There are pros and cons with web and desktop platforms. At 7th Sense Multimedia, we will recommend web-based applications only when is is truly the best platform to fulfill your present and future needs. We have the capabilities to create both web and desktop applications, and a strong desire to provide the best possible solution for your needs.

Are you a candidate for custom application software? The answer is yes if none of the available off-the-shelf software can be set-up to meet your needs, when fussing with generic software becomes burdonsome, or when you want a solution tailored to your needs and business identity. We are frequently asked to give some sort of a ballpark figure for custom software, before any specifics are known. Until a set of specifications are drawn up (either loosely or formally) it is impossible to provide a cost estimate for custom application development. Some people are very surprised that the price of custom application development is so far above any generic packaged software, but then they may not realize that the $125 word processing program has sold several million copies. We prefer to tell people that a typical minimum cost for custom application software is $8K to $10K, even though we have completed some projects for less than half that.

An example of a User Interface (screen layout functionality), in a custom desktop application can be explored here.

Please feel free to contact us, to discuss your custom application development requirements, or to discuss modifications to custom software that you already own.

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